When we talk about watering the lawn or a golf course, you might picture someone holding a watering can or hose and going around to water the grass. Those are manual methods of watering that will require an abundance of time and money if you’ve got a big lawn that needs to be watered, especially if it’s a huge golf course. You may need to hire more gardeners to get the work done to cover the area. Moreover, since there isn’t any consistency in manually watering, some areas might even get overlooked during the watering process.

To save time and optimise your turf health, we would highly suggest the use of an auto irrigation system to water your golf course instead. Basically, this system consists of automatic sprinklers that are programmed to water an area at a specific time or according to certain conditions. Here are some benefits of using an auto irrigation system like Rain Bird:

Real-time response

Auto irrigation systems such as the Rain Bird automatic sprinkler system have an integrated control (IC) system which monitors the status of your golf course. This ensures automatic and instantaneous adjustments in the irrigation system to optimise performance, minimise costs and maintain a healthy turf. It also includes temperature sensors, moisture sensors and rain shut-off devices to detect the conditions of when watering is only required. For example, the sprinkler system will not start during a heavy downpour. However, if the moisture sensors detect that the soil is dry, the sprinkler system will then deliver the right amount of water to maintain your turf.

Cost-savvy and reduces water consumption

Instead of hiring extra labour to water your turf manually, fix up an auto irrigation system to help you save money in the long run. An auto irrigation system can also reduce wastage of water during excessive watering, which then results in reduced water bills. These systems allow water to be distributed evenly and efficiently through the sprinklers to areas that only require water, avoiding areas such as sidewalks and places beyond the golf course that do not require watering.

Environmental sustainability

Installing an auto irrigation system in your golf course or lawn works wonders in water conservation. Aside from ensuring that your greenery remains lush and well-maintained, the Rain Bird’s intelligent systems ensure that the automatic sprinklers only use enough water to avoid excessive watering and misuse of water resources. This is in line with the government’s efforts to promote sustainability and conserve the environment.

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