What are Biofungicides?

Biofungicide is a formulation that contains living organisms such as fungi, bacteria, or actinomycetes that are used on soil or foliage to prevent, stop or control plant pathogenic bacterial or fungal infections. This formula is based on natural processes where good microorganisms help keep the plants away from harmful pathogens that are active in the roots, soil, and the whole plant. The beneficial microorganisms in biofungicide generate a wide range of antibiotic substances, attack and fight other fungi, and subsequently boost systemic resistance in the plants. These microorganisms are naturally found in the soil, thus making Biofungicide more environmentally friendly and safe compared to Chemical Fungicides.

What is Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide

Companion is a Broad Spectrum Biological Fungicides for Soil-Borne and Foliar Diseases, the active ingredient is inoculant of Bacillus subtilis GB03. This product was the first-ever EPA Registered Liquid Fungicides in the US Market (71065-2). Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide is a product that is ideal for turf and professional landscape use in preventing, controlling, and suppressing soil and foliar disease.

Companion’s Multiple Modes of Actions

  • Directly competes against soil-borne pathogens

Bacillus subtilis GB03 contained in this product can quickly colonise a plant’s root hairs with beneficial bacteria, thereby crowding out disease-producing microbes and creating a “shield” to protect plants.

  • Produces strong iturin antibiotics

Iturin has been reported to induce immunity defense in plants, disrupt cell-wall integrity, and affect the fungal signaling pathways causing the pathogens to desiccate and die.

  • Creates a highly beneficial Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR)

The good microorganisms can stimulate the plant’s phytohormones and natural immune system to better resist diseases and strengthens the defense mechanisms of the plant for prolonged periods.

  • Acts as a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacterium (PGPR)

These microbes are known to provide enhanced mineral nutrition, producing plant hormones or other molecules that stimulate plant growth and defenses while protecting plants against pathogens.

  • Disease Resistance Management Program for turf managers

This product is an important tool in a turf manager’s Disease Resistance Management Program, helping to prevent pathogens from building a resistance to chemical fungicides.

  • Works for all kinds of agricultural crops

Companion can be used for non-selective to plant materials, and it is beneficial to all types of agricultural crops including vegetables, herbs, fruits, citrus, and nuts. Plus, it works at all growth stages, from seeds to plug to harvest.

  • Contains gram-positive bacteria

Gram-positive bacteria are bacteria with thick cell walls, which can survive in even extreme environmental conditions including heat and drought, making it a durable and reliable fungicide that growers can trust.

Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide has been proven to be reliable with its efficacy goes beyond merely preventing and controlling fungus growth, it also improves certain aspects such as root branching, growth hormones, and stress tolerance in various plants. Because of its modes of action circumvent, the development of pathogen resistance and since it can be used alone or in combination with traditional chemical fungicides.

Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide by Growth Products is the ideal foundation for an effective integrated pest and disease management program

We have a solution to help your turf and plants grow healthier! If you would like to know more about Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide by Growth Products or the other products we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us at ask@ats-grp.com for assistance!