Drainage issues on any type of property is a problem that must be addressed in the early stages during construction, and throughout the maintenance period. Most drainage issues can rarely be solved with a one-time fix, but there are solutions and factors that can be considered to maintain a good drainage system on your facilities, be it a golf course or sports field. When the excess water cannot be drained properly from your field, other problems can also arise from it. Here are a few issues that you will face with a faulty drainage system:

Uneven ground

Uneven ground will be a serious problem throughout your sports field when the drainage system is not well managed. Areas where the water congregates and remains after a rainy day will cause the ground to stay wet for a long period. This causes the ground to be softer in certain areas, which in turn affects the growth rate of the grass and the firmness of the ground. It is especially likely to occur due to a sudden accumulation of rainwater during a storm, which could even cause ponding to occur on your synthetic or natural sports fields.

Low playability

A bad drainage system causes water to stay on the surface of the ground, causing it to be muddy and wet as the water is unable to flow anywhere else or evaporate properly. In turn, soil that is constantly water-logged causes the grounds of the sports field to become slippery. Aside from posing dangers to the users of the field, it also affects the playability of the grounds as athletes may lose their footing and fail to perform at their best. Dirty shoes, muddy ground, and an overall unpleasant experience are subsequent issues that the sports field’s users will face. This can totally leave them feeling disappointed and unsatisfied after using the fields for either exercise or sports activities.

Surface damage

Without proper drainage systems installed, the water from rain or irrigation will end up pooling on your fields. This excessive accumulation of water may then result in surface damage of your turfgrass. These grassy areas, regardless whether they are covered by artificial or natural turf, need to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic by the users of the fields. However, when the turf is soaked and the grass dies due to lack of nutrients or oxygen, this will affect its overall health and ability to recover after frequent use.

Now that you know the problems that can arise from a bad drainage system, perhaps it is time to consider if your drainage system is causing problems throughout your sports field. Indeed, a good drainage system is of utter importance as it allows for surface drainage to happen. Additionally, it can also effectively get rid of water and prevent it from remaining on the surface of your field. This will prevent further harm to your field’s health and the presence of muddy ground.

The theory of drainage is simple—it works on gravity. Water always flows downhill and downwards, and that is exactly why planning a sports field’s drainage system is so important. One effective method to get rid of surface water on the grounds is with a subsurface drainage system. A subsurface drainage system encourages water movement away from the playing surface and into the primary drainage system. These drainage systems can remove excess water in the soil to prevent water from accumulating below the root zone.

A good subsurface drainage system can also help you avoid another major issue—soil ingress. Soil ingress is an occurrence when there is an infiltration of groundwater and soil that enters the drainage system. If this issue occurs on your sports field, you will eventually need to invest in water management. Furthermore, soil ingress is not environmentally friendly as it pollutes the water. Fortunately, you can avoid that issue with an effective subsurface drainage system.

Looking for the right drainage system for your sports field?

Having said that, you are probably wondering what is a good subsurface drainage system? We would highly recommend the Plana 150 Accelerated Drainage System. This system is an effective and consistent subsurface drainage solution that is made from 100% virgin HDPE as its core and wrapped with a non-woven geotextile for soil filtration. This helps you prevent soil ingress from occurring, while discharging clean and filtered water. This powerful drainage system can rapidly collect and remove water as well. Durability is also assured with its ribbed surfaces that enhance stability, rigidity, and compression strength. In short, it is sustainable, high performing and durable.

If you’re facing drainage problems that are causing issues throughout your sports fields, don’t hesitate to contact us at ask@ats-grp.com for more solutions!