It is common to see machinery and equipment covered with tarps or left uncovered inside after use, especially in industrial spaces, storage, construction sites, and so on. Understandably, this method is generally easier for frequently used machinery and equipment. But how about the ones that are rarely used, or be idle for a long period of time? Just merely putting them in a garage under a tarp or indoors may not be enough to best keep the machinery and equipment.

Storage Environment

Did you know air itself may contain moisture, pollutants, microorganisms, dust and other particles that may affect the machinery and equipment? In our tropical weather, the constant heat and unpredictable rainfall play a big part in the environmental factor. Therefore, it is important to know about the environmental factors surrounding the storage. Understanding the storage environment can help in providing better storage and preventive measure to minimise degradation of the items stored. Here are the common environmental factors that will affect the conditions of your machinery and equipment.

  • Temperature and Humidity

This is the most critical factor in storage environment control.

High temperatures can result in physical distortion, chemical changes like oxidation and enhance biological decay, for example, mold. Fluctuation of temperatures will cause expansion and contraction of the parts, cracking in metals, damaging the inner parts and so on.

  • Pollutants

The common types of pollutants include corrosive gases such as industrial atmospheric pollution, organic acids emissions, and particles like dust, soot, etc.

  • Light

Chemical reacts rapidly with prolonged exposure under the light. Although light damage is less critical in storage but faded or degraded paint of machinery or equipment may cause corrosion.

  • Pest

The pest factor is divided into two types, micro-biological and macro-biological. The micro-biological pest consists of mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria which can cause staining and trigger the chemical reaction. Macro-biological pests include rodents and insects, which can directly damage the parts of your machinery and equipment like the wirings for example.

How to best store your machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment, especially the large ones, may look sturdy and durable, but they also have parts that are sensitive to certain weathers and conditions. When it is needed to store your machinery and equipment, it is recommended to invest in storage space for optimum preservation. Doing so can protect the machinery and equipment, prevent environmental damage, costly repairs and project downtime. Check out these recommended storage options for machinery and equipment.

  • Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have many uses, including strorage space for equipment and machinery. They are watertight, durable, effective and reasonably priced. They also come in various shapes and sizes. Plus you can modify it to suit your requirements and can be secured with a lock for safety purposes.

  • Storage Units

Storage units are one of the most ideal storage spaces for your machinery and equipment. They come in different sizes to fit your requirements and can be rented for long-term and short-term use. Most of the storage units offered nowadays come with climate control, which is perfectly conditioned for your machines and equipment.

  • Mesh Cages

Welded mesh cages are versatile storage that can be assembled indoors and outdoors. It is inexpensive and can be locked to avoid unauthorised use. Mesh cages can also be fitted with a protective covering to keep your machinery and equipment from the sunlight and rain.

  • Off-Site Warehouses

If you opt for off-site warehouses, you can store your idle machinery and equipment without using your working space or building additional structures. The large space in a warehouse enables you to store machines and equipment of any size.

If any of these storage solutions are not convenient for your business, you can choose to store your machinery and equipment at your business premises. Rust-X is the only vertically integrated VCI manufacturer in the industry with in-house manufacturing of products to specifically prevent rusts while keeping your machinery and equipment protected from the environment. You can use Rust-X VCI Lamina Shrink Films, VCI Metal Barrier Foils, and VCI Tuffpaulin to effectively store your machinery and equipment.

VCI Lamina Shrink Films

VCI Metal Barrier Foils

VCI Tuffpaulin

Your machinery and equipment are assets worth investing in. Because they come in many parts that are sensitive to different environmental factors, it is important to provide them with the most ideal storage for preservation, safety, and prevention from damage. Furthermore, by storing them properly, they are fully functional and ready for work, as and when you needed them.  For more product information, chat us up at